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Client in mid 20’s lacked some hair in the front end of her brows and wanted a more defined arch. Microblading was done in a medium brown and auburn tone.

Microblading & HD shading

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattoo that creates hyper realistic hair strokes for clients who have alopecia or thinning eyebrows using a manual blade. Clients who have full brows but have missing spots or need some density added choose microblading as well.

 How long does it last?

Microblading last anywhere between 12-18 months depending on lifestyle, skin anatomy and aftercare. Oily skin, individuals who sweat a lot will need touch ups sooner. Ideal skin type for the best results are normal to dry skin. The aftercare is vital to the final outcome, 70% of the whole process depends on your part as for aftercare.  I can’t stress how imperative it is to follow the guidelines after procedure is done, this can make or break your whole procedure, Clients who are exposed to the sun daily will find that your brows will fade faster. It’s highly recommended that you use sunscreen on your brows after they are fully healed to help the longevity of your microblading service.

 Does it hurt?

Pain is relative per individual, some people refer to the initial pain as if someone is tweezing them really slow or an annoying scratch. Clients who are close to the menstrual cycle, during, or ending it will be more sensitive then ones who aren’t. Once all hair strokes are mapped out and topical anesthetic is applied there will be little to no pain at all. Anesthetics used contains either lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine or Epinephrine cream/liquid, if you are allergic to any of these inform me prior to service.

Client wanted a pop and curl without having to fuss with her mascara and eyelash curer in morning.

Keratin lash lift & tinting

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is essentially a perm formulated for your lashes that holds the curl in place for an extended amount of time. Basically you don't have to worry about manually curling them in the morning and having to apply mascara. Unlike having eyelash extensions, you won't have to worry about allergies to adhesives and irritations, rubbing your eyes, sleeping on your face and etc. Lash lifts are even great if you like the look of strip lashes but you have naturally down facing or straight lashes and the strip lashes don’t sit right, this would create a nice curl and foundation for them if you choose to apply it over your natural ones. This treatment is most popular with Microblading for eyebrows because these two will cut your makeup time in half!

The process.

The process usually lasts about an hour, a consultation is approximately 10 minutes to understand what you are looking to achieve following the lash lifting treatment. Based on your answers and the length of your lashes a rod size will be chosen and service will begin.

Aftercare and Maintenence.

The only restriction after getting your lash lift is absolutely no water or steam on your lashes as well as no mascara during this time. After 24 hours you are fully welcome to enjoy them anyway you want! The only maintenance after a lift is conditioning them a few times a week since they have been processed the key is to just keep them conditioned regularly. Coconut oil or anytime of natural oils would be fine.

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Hi, I’m Cady, originally from California before moving here to the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ in 2011. 

After being raised in the beauty industry, I developed a passion for making others feel beautiful. Starting out as a Cosmetologist has allowed me to build a foundation of excellence with a specific passion for brows. I take pride in my work and I want my clients to be an example of that passion.

My ultimate goal is perfection on each and every client! Please take a moment and contact me - I look forward to working with YOU!

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